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Salesforce Community and URL redirect management: An Easy Way

A large number of companies and organisations are migrating to Salesforce communities from Salesforce portal and there sometimes a problem occurs: if a community is created on and a user enters the url, show this page

Salesforce communities


No organisation wants to show these type of pages anywhere on Site. Here is the simple way to maange this situation in a short post.

To make url redirect to correct web address Salesforce has provided “URL Redirect” feature by which community redirect can be managed.


1. Go to Setup > Develop > Sites

2. Select the Site which need to be mapped to Redirect

Community URL Redirect - intmist


3. Click on URL Redirects button

Community URL Redirect - intmist


Provide source url which should be redirect to correct path and enter Target url where the URL should be there. So in example if user enters it will redirect to


4. Click on Save button to add the rule.


Test the Rule ! Now user will automatically redirect to desired URL without any hassle if it is entered incorrectly.